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AWS CLI Quick Reference

A cheatsheet/quick-reference on how to use the AWS CLI

Official documentation

First of all, this post is for me, and for things I do a lot, if you’re trying to figure out if aws-cli is for you or not, checkout the official documention for aws-cli .

Get help

 aws s3 help

Show all objects/buckets

aws s3 ls 
2021-05-26 17:12:20 my-unique-bucket-05262021

Show all objects in a bucket

aws s3 ls my-unique-bucket-05262021 
2021-07-16 11:49:32    3071344 ImageOptim.tbz2

Upload a local file up to s3

aws s3 cp ImageOptim.tbz2 s3://my-unique-bucket-05262021

Create a URL that someone can use to download said file

 aws s3 presign my-unique-bucket-05262021/ImageOptim.tbz2 --expires-in 1209600


You should be able to Download, if today is within two weeks of the day I issued this command.