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How to Format Unix Timestamps in Postman Visualizations

A Step-by-Step Guide to Formatting Unix Timestamps in Postman Visualizations

How to change php.ini settings on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

How to edit PHP.ini settings like upload_max_size and upload_post_size in elastic beanstalk

My Personal MongoDB cheat sheet

My personal cheatsheet on how to query data in mongodb.

How to install the latest Ruby on MacOS Sonoma (14.0)

How to install the latest version of Ruby on your local development environment

AWS CLI Quick Reference

A cheatsheet/quick-reference on how to use the AWS CLI

Installing AWS-CLI v2 on Raspberry Pi 4

How to install AWS CLI version 2 on Raspberry Pi 4"

Debugging WordPress

Tips and Tricks on how to debug WordPress sites

Using environment variables and Cloudflare HTML Rewriter API

Using environment variables and HTML Rewriter API to create a dynamic ..static.. site

Getting Past Anti Ad Blockers with Pi-Hole

How to get around anti ad-block detection on sites that ask you to disable your ad blocker

NodeJS Stuff for Mac

Notes on how to setup NodeJS on a Mac, using brew and NVM to keep multiple versions installed for easy testing

Installing Plausible Analytics on a Jekyll Site with Minimal Mistakes

Installing Plausible Analytics with Jekyll and Minimal Mistakes

Tips and Tricks with Find

How to use the find command, to make your life easier on the linux or unix cli

Screen hacks for your Raspberry Pi

Screen hacks for your Raspberry Pi

Using more than one account at AWS while using aws-cli

How to switch between Amazon accounts while using the aws cli

WP-CLI Cheatsheet

wp cli commands that I use often when dealing with WordPress sites

How to use Hide My Email on MacOS, IOS and iCloud+.

How to use the Hide My Email feature in iCloud + / Monterey / iOS 15.

How to parse apache log files with Awk

Using awk to get information from text files

How to configure Tailscale with Pi-Hole

How to configure Tailscale with Pi-hole, so you can block ads even when you're not at home.