How to install the latest Ruby on MacOS Sonoma (14.0)

How to install the latest version of Ruby on your local development environment

This is an update to my older post on how to install the latest Ruby on MacOS Monterey. This post has been updated to reflect instructions for MacOS Sonoma (MacOS 14, which should be getting released or was released in the fall of 2023), depending on when you are reading this.

Before you start

Before you start, make sure you have the Command Line Tools for Xcode downloaded, and installed before you attempt any of this

Install Homebrew

Before you copy/paste the following command, I highly recommend you verify that it’s the same command as listed on Homebrew’s website

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Install rbenv and helpers

brew install rbenv ruby-build rbenv-gemset rbenv-vars
rbenv init
curl -fsSL | bash

If everything above goes well, you need to make sure you modify your .zshrc, or .bashrc, or whatever shell you prefer, to load rbenv on subsequent invocations.

Modify your shell startup script

I added this to the bottom of my .zshrc

export RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--with-openssl-dir=$(brew --prefix [email protected])"
eval "$(rbenv init -)"

Install the latest version of Ruby

Check what the latest version is at, as of 8/13/2023 it was 3.2.2.

# Use the following line, if you're still using Monterey, but you do not need to do this with Sonoma Developer Beta 5.
#OPENSSL_CFLAGS=-Wno-error=implicit-function-declaration RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS=--with-readline-dir="$(brew --prefix readline)"  rbenv install 3.2.2
rbenv install 3.2.2
rbenv global 3.2.2

Confirm you are using the latest ruby, open a new shell

ruby -v
ruby 3.2.2 (2023-03-30 revision e51014f9c0) [x86_64-darwin23]

Now you can go to the directory of your project, and just run bundle install

cd work/
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll s --config _config.yml,_config_dev.yml

That’s it. Hope this post was helpful.