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What I hope to accomplish with AstroWP

By Vid Luther on 2023-12-04T15:05:21 in Uncategorized

As I’m writing this post/section of the website, I wanted to be clear to myself and the reader, what my goal is with these experiments.. so here’s my stream of thought..

The WP Admin experience is horrible…

Logging into the backend of a WordPress site is a nightmare, you get bombarded with upsells, and messages about plugins and themes that would become 10x more useful to you if you just paid them an extra $10.. or whatever freemium model they’re running these days.

The block editor, gutenberg is powerful, but because everyone is used to crappy sitebuilders and plugins, it’s rarely used and integrates poorly with legacy site builders.

WordPress is by far the best tool to handle your SEO/Opengraph/Schema stuff.

Granted I haven’t used some of the newer CMS’s out there that deeply, but the main reason for that is because I look to see how these CMS’s are handling SEO stuff, and they are all lacking, imo nothing compares to a WP site with Yoast or Rank Math SEO plugins in the background

WP Theming is beyond me..

I have always sucked at UI/UX.. and I’ve struggled with understanding how different themes expect to handle certain types of content, you look at a theme demo and it looks great, but to incorporate that look and feel with your content, you have to change your content structure and do a lot of work..I hope we won’t need to do the same with Astro WP.

We shall see.

If you ain’t first, you’re last!

We owe so much to Ricky Bobby.. so we can’t forget this.. most sites these days can be static, unless you’re running a store, your other pages should be pre-rendered static html with all the SEO/Opengraph goodness built into them.. calling a backend to load the “About Us” page, just because not many people have loaded it in the past 5 minutes, is just 2015.. everything should be cached and served from the edge, except for what needs to have some source of truth to it.. like inventory..

Automagic Updates of the Static Site

Since the Astro site runs on Cloudflare, it seems I can send a Webhook from WP to tell Cloudflare to rebuild the site, which should get any new posts, updates, or if any post was deleted, it will delete the post..

If you’re seeing this block of text, then that means the site was automagically updated.