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Secure Hook Inspector

A personal/secure requestbin or private pipedream or

A way to inspect and debug Webhooks

Check out the Secure Hook Inspector Github Project

This project solves a need that keeps coming up in my line of work.

I need to send some data (payload) to an external service or webhook, but before I start sending to the production instance, I need to make sure I’m sending the right format.


I have a third party service sending me a payload, but I need to debug and log what they’re sending before I can integrate in staging or production.

But, I couldn’t test the payload on a third party service like Request bin, pipedream, or, due to the nature of the data. I deal with a lot of private information that I really can’t be sending to third parties, so I had to build my own logger/consumer.. and then expose that to whatever I’m integrating with.